Telling the story of the Isle of Arran

Arran Geopark has gathered three film crews together with many enthusiastic Arran experts to create three films focussed on the geology, archaeology, and ecology of the island. The films seek to bring together and highlight these distinct “ologies” and thus the concept of “Arranology” was formed.

The Arranology project was funded by Highlands and Islands Enterprise with an additional contribution from the Arran Trust; enabling Arran Geopark to create the trilogy of short films celebrating Arran.

Malcolm Wilkinson, Coordinator of Arran Geopark said: “These wonderful films celebrate the amazing landscape, biodiversity and heritage of our small island – and this is exactly what Geoparks all around the world are there to do”.

View the films here:

Sheila Gilmore, Chief Executive of VisitArran, said: “These films will encourage everyone visiting our beautiful island to delve further into the island’s environmental past, and appreciate aspects that they may have been unaware of. Arran Geopark, and indeed all involved, are to be congratulated on the whole concept of Arranology”