Scottish Geology Festival 2022

Scotland’s iconic landscapes and rugged coastlines have been shaped by the elements over countless millennia. The rocks beneath our feet hold the secrets of our planet’s past. They are our foundation, influencing our culture and legends, and provide endless opportunities for enjoyment and discovery. The Scottish Geology Festival 2022 will tell the stories of Scotland’s […]

Agate Display at Montrose Museum

Montrose Museum

Montrose has long been famous for its agates. With ease of travel and more leisure time today many sites are in danger of being over-collected. However, we are fortunate that […]


Online Talk: Scotland’s Meteorites

It’s estimated that 6,000 meteorites hit the Earth each year, but only 4 have ever fallen in Scotland. Join Peter Davidson, Senior Curator of Minerals at National Museums Scotland, for […]


EGS Public Lecture: Scotland’s Fossils

Dynamic Earth Holyrood Road, Edinburgh

Our public lecture will explore the amazing variety of fossils in Scotland, covering hundreds of millions of years of evolution from the corals and sharks of the Carboniferous to the […]

Scottish Mineral & Lapidary Club – Open Saturday

Scottish Mineral & Lapidary Club Quality Yard, 20 Maritime Lane off Constitution Street, Leith, Edinburgh

Lapidary is the art and craft of cutting, shaping and polishing rough stones or minerals and turning them into beautiful creations that can be used as jewellery or ornaments. Founded […]


Holyrood Park: The Coolest Walk on Earth

Holyrood Park Queen's Drive, Edinburgh

Second in a series of two walks. Join an expert geologist and a Ranger on a 3 hour guided walk to discover how the landscape of Holyrood Park has been […]

Stonehaven Beach Pebbles

Come along to Stonehaven for this wheelchair-accessible beach pebble event, where geologists will be on hand to help you learn about the exciting stories that beach pebbles can tell us. […]


Hugh Miller 220

NTS Hugh Miller's Birthplace Cottage & Museum Church Street, Cromarty, Highland

Join us at Hugh Miller’s Birthplace Cottage this October as we celebrate the life and legacy of Cromarty’s most famous resident on his 220th birthday! Fossil hunter, folklorist, man of […]

Rosemary Hutton lecture: One hundred thousand years in the life of Earth’s magnetic field

Grant Institute he King’s Buildings, James Hutton Road, Edinburgh

One hundred thousand years in the life of Earth’s magnetic field Cathy Constable, Institute of Geophysics & Planetary Physics, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego The geological record documenting the existence of Earth’s magnetic field extends several billion years in the past, but it is only for more recent times that it […]

Open Day at Fossil Grove, Glasgow

Fossil Grove, Glasgow Victoria Park, Glasgow

Fossil Grove in Victoria Park, Glasgow houses a unique collection of fossil trees, formed 330 million years ago. Marvel at this piece of ancient history in the beautiful surroundings of Victoria Park. A guided tour will take you through of the interior of the Fossil Grove building to view the 330 million year old trees. […]

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