Kildonan Geology & Wildlife Walk with Arran Ranger Service

Kildonan Village Hall Kildonan

Explore a dramatic period in Arran’s past, discover evidence of prehistoric beasts, and spot modern day wildlife too! This guided walk is a joint event between the Arran Ranger Service and the Arran Geopark and a guide from both organisations will be leading the trip. Walk length: 6 km / 4 miles Approx. duration: 4 […]


Seafield Wildlife & Geology Walk

Seafield Beach car park Seafield Road, Kirkcaldy

A walk looking at the wildlife and geology of the Seafield Coast A walk along the coast at Seafield looking at the geology and coastal wildlife of the Forth Estuary. Our expert guide Tony Wilson will share stories of the local landscape, search for fossil sea creatures and point out the wildlife that makes the […]


Short Course: Geology of East Lothian

Explore the geological history of East Lothian, discovering the processes that have created today's beautiful coastal landscape and offshore islands. Intense volcanic activity 350 million years ago formed tough igneous rocks, but softer sedimentary rocks are also present and contain clues to past environments. Tutor: Angus D Miller BSc PhD Day 1: North Berwick Day […]

Short Course: the Seven Hills of Edinburgh

Edinburgh's landscape is dominated by the Seven Hills, each with a hard core of igneous rock that has been altered and eroded over millions of years by natural forces and more recently by human activity. We will visit Blackford Hill, Braid Hills and Holyrood Park to explore what they tell us about the past, and […]

Enlightenment rocks

Online Event

Speakers: Professor Kathryn Rudy FRSE; Lucinda Lax; Stephanie O’Rourke; Iain Stewart FRSE; and Ilana Halperin. Glen Tilt is central to the history of geology because it was one of the sites where James Hutton (1726-97), the father of modern geology, devised his ideas about deep time. His ideas culminated in the publication of the Theory […]


Scottish Geology Festival 2021

The Scottish Geology Trust will host the Scottish Geology Festival this autumn to encourage activity, events and engagement about Scotland’s incredible geological heritage. There will be fantastic opportunities for all to get involved, including families, local people and visitors. Our first festival in 2020 was a great success, despite restrictions due to the pandemic, with […]

Geowalks: Arran

Welcome to the best geology in Scotland! In this tour of Arran’s geology, we will visit the site of James Hutton’s unconformity near Lochranza, a range of sedimentary rocks of different ages on the east coast, and the desert sandstones of the south with lots of interesting igneous intrusions of different sizes. We’ll be based […]

Geowalks: Isle of Eigg

The small Hebridean island of Eigg is an enchanting mix: beautiful scenery, a surprising variety of rocks, and a friendly and innovative local community. There are many geological riches to explore, including important fossil-rich sedimentary rocks and the singing sands, fringed by sandstone cliffs cut by basalt dykes. The famous Sgùrr forms the high point […]

North West Highlands UNESCO Global Geopark Geotour

Under the guidance of the Geopark Geologist Pete Harrison, the Geopark Tour is aimed at helping you understand and interpret the unique geology of the Geopark. Over the course of a week you will travel throughout the Geopark and learn how major geological events have created this wild and complex landscape. You will uncover evidence […]

Short Course: Geology of Scotland’s Hills

Online Event

Scotland is renowned for its beautiful and varied mountain scenery. Look beneath the surface to discover a long and complex geological history that has produced a wide range of rock types in different locations. From the Northwest Highlands to the Southern Uplands, we’ll explore Scotland’s hills and discover the geological stories that make them unique. […]

Short Course: Geology of Scotland’s Coast

Online Event

Scotland has an amazing coastline of cliffs and beaches, firths and sea lochs, headlands and islands. This coastline reflects Scotland’s geological history, which has resulted in a varied range of rock types formed at different times. We’ll explore the coast from Shetland to southwest Scotland, including several case studies from all parts of the country. […]

North West Highlands UNESCO Global Geopark Extended Weekend Geotour

Extended weekend tour comprising days 2,3,5 & 6 of the full tour Expert tuition by Geopark staff will help you to interpret the geology of this wild and remote highland landscape. The area has the lowest population density in Europe and exhibits unique geodiversity and biodiversity. As home of the oldest rocks in Europe, the […]

North West Highlands UNESCO Global Geopark Geotour

Expert tuition by Geopark staff will help you to interpret the geology of this wild and remote highland landscape. The area has the lowest population density in Europe and exhibits unique geodiversity and biodiversity. As home of the oldest rocks in Europe, the first identified thrust fault, the oldest and biggest meteorite impact ejecta and […]

North West Highlands UNESCO Global Geopark Highland Controversy Geotour

The Highlands Controversy unfolded during the mid to late 19th century when the early geologists began to study the rocks of the Northwest Highlands of Scotland. Initial surveys carried out by the official Geological Survey led by Roderick Murchison and Archibald Geikie began to be questioned by ‘amateur’ geologists who had discovered a number inconsistencies […]