Exhibition: John Muir, Earth, Planet Universe, at John Muir’s Birthplace, Dunbar

John Muir's Birthplace 126 High Street, Dunbar

The exhibition focuses on John Muir’s legacy and his role as an environmental activist and successful campaigner and his relevance for our situation today in addressing the climate crisis. However, we have paused to reflect on the content of the exhibition in the light of the current COVID-19 crisis. There are certain parallels between what […]


Exhibition: At the Water’s Edge – Tetrapods, at Elgin Museum

Elgin Museum 1, High Street, Elgin

A new exhibition at Elgin Museum gives an opportunity to view fossils from one of the world's oldest tetrapods, Elginerpeton pancheni. The bones of this transitional species provide crucial evidence of the evolution from fins to feet, but their significance was only recognised in the 1990s. This is the first time that the fossils have […]


Exploring Edinburgh’s Volcano: self-guided tour

Holyrood Park Queen's Drive, Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a city of hills, and Arthur's Seat in Holyrood Park is one of the most striking. This steep, craggy hill is actually the remains of an ancient volcano that erupted about 350 million years ago, long before the dinosaurs. Take a walk around the park and explore the evidence for these ancient volcanoes […]


Online Video: Enlightenment Rocks – Curious

Online Event

Glen Tilt is central to the history of geology because it was one of the sites where James Hutton (1726-97), the father of modern geology, devised his ideas about deep time. His ideas culminated in the publication of the Theory of the Earth. Some of his arguments rested on close observations of rock relationships, where […]

Exhibition: Fabulous Fossils and Marvellous Minerals, at Dumfries Museum

Dumfries Museum Rotchell Road, Dumfries

Follow a fun family trail around Dumfries Museum to discover some of the geology of South West Scotland. From fossil footprints older than dinosaurs, to minerals glowing in the dark. You'll find out how people made tools from stone 10,000 years ago and how Dumfriesshire sandstone was shaped into amazing architecture. Explore the museum in […]


Scottish Fossils Online

Online Event

Over the course of the Scottish Geology Festival the Scottish Fossils team will be posting our favourite fossils over on Instagram and Facebook (@scottishfossils)! Scotland has a rich and varied palaeontological heritage and our rocks are home to some spectacular and important fossils. Join us to learn all about fossil collecting in Scotland and the […]


BBC Radio Scotland Out of Doors Podcast

Online Event

In celebration of the Scottish Geology Festival, Mark Stephen went to the beach with Festival organisers Drs Katie Strang and Angus Miller and talked geology. Podcast available until early October - https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p09vcdk6

North West Highlands UNESCO Global Geopark Geotour

Under the guidance of the Geopark Geologist Pete Harrison, the Geopark Tour is aimed at helping you understand and interpret the unique geology of the Geopark. Over the course of a week you will travel throughout the Geopark and learn how major geological events have created this wild and complex landscape. You will uncover evidence […]

Beach Pebble event: Portobello, Edinburgh

Beach at Kings Road, Portobello Kings Place, Portobello, Edinburgh

* UPDATED LOCATION*  This event will now be held on the beach in front of Kings Road, not to the west. Look for the Beach Pebble event sign and volunteers in blue shirts! Join geologists and volunteers from the Scottish Geology Trust on the beach for some hands-on activities to explore the stories hidden in […]


Online Course: Geology of Scotland – session 3

Online Event

The Northern Highlands Terrane has basement rocks almost 3000 million years old (Lewisian Complex) that are mostly covered by the Proterozoic rocks of the Moine supergroup. These were deposited as shallow and deep marine sediments around 1000-850 million years ago and resulted from erosion of an ancient mountain chain: Grenville – itself a result of […]


Online Talk: Secrets of the North Sea

Online Event

The UK economy has greatly benefited from drilling exploration and production in the North Sea over several decades. And we are well aware that we have contributed to climate change by burning some of the products. But most of us are ignorant of the challenges and hard work that has been involved in this process […]

Guided Walk: Beneath Ben Nevis; stories in the shadows

Ben Nevis North Face Car Park, Torlundy

A guided walk exploring the geology and landscape stories of Ben Nevis. For many people it is all about standing on the top of the UK’s tallest mountain however, if you want to get a true feel for its character then there is no better place to be than beneath the imposing north face. The […]


Online talk: Virtual Fieldtrip to the Isle of Skye – Learnings for the Atlantic Margin

The EAGE Local Chapter Aberdeen invites you to an Evening Lecture Webinar on 22nd September 2021 18:30 - 19:30 UK time. Speakers: Nick Schofield, John Howell, Jess Pugsley – Aberdeen University We will be undertaking a shortened version of a 2-day virtual fieldtrip to the Isle of Skye which was originally run for the Atlantic […]

Online Talk: Hydrocarbon to Geothermal Well Conversion Insights

Online Event

Geothermal energy currently plays a small role in meeting the world's energy demand, and commercial production has been mainly focused on high-temperature, often volcanic formations that limit development to certain regions of the globe. Conventional geothermal resources require drilling of challenging high-temperature wells that can be expensive and risky. For over a decade, research and […]


Beach Pebble event and walk: Iona

Enjoy a geological walk in on of the most amazing islands off the west coast. The walk culminates at the glorious pebble beach of Columna's Bay, where the variety and colour of the pebbles is stunning. See how many you can find, identify and challenge the guide with! Free, no booking required. Meet at the […]


Online Talk – Dino-colour extravaganza: New Visions of a Lost World

Online Event

Twenty-five years ago, the first feathered dinosaur was reported, Sinosauropteryx. There has been a revolution in dinosaur palaeobiology since then, driven by thousands of amazing specimens from China plus new analytical methods. In 2010, we were among the first to develop a new analytical method to identify the colour of feathers, including the feathers of […]

Online Talk: The Changing Outer Hebrides: how geology shapes landscapes and people

Online Event

Geology is fundamental to our sense of place. The underlying rocks determine a wide range of aspects of the landscape, from physical shape, to drainage and agriculture, and even elements of human heritage. The geological landscape is constantly changing, shaping both the natural environment and the social history of each location. In his prize-winning book, […]


Guided Walk: Fossil Hunting at Pittenweem

West Braes West Braes, Pittenweem

The rocks surrounding Pittenweem represent a time around 330 million years ago when the temperatures were tropical, seas were rich with marine life, and land had the first dense forests with enormous trees. Come for a walk along the shore between Pittenweem and Pathhead at low tide with geologist Dr Catherine Rose and hunt for […]


Field Trip: Fossil Hunting at Seafield, Kirkcaldy

Seafield Beach Seafield Shore, Seafield Road, Kirkcaldy

Come and hunt for fossils at Seafield shore with Dr. Katie Strang and GeoBus! The rocks at Seafield are around 330 million years old, deposited at a time when Scotland lay close to the equator and experienced a hot and humid climate. Come along and chat to geologists to find out all about the ancient […]


Beach Pebble event: Innellan, Argyll

Innellan, Argyll & Bute Shore Road, Innellan

Innellan is 4 miles south of Dunoon on the Cowal Peninsula. The Highland Boundary Fault, which separates metamorphic slates and schists to the north from Devonian sandstones to the south, passes through Innellan and is exposed on the beach, together with some exotic serpentinites. The Innellan Beach Pebble Day will focus on the rocks and […]


Beach Pebble event: Stranraer Beach, Dumfries and Galloway

Agnew Park Beach, Stranraer Agnew Park Beach, Stranraer

Experts will help you discover the story behind pebbles you find on the beach. Red sandstones from nearby cliffs laid down 300 million years ago in a desert, stones from Ailsa Craig and and even a mammoth bone transported to the beach by the action of ice and water. Visit the beach and see what […]


Beach Pebble event: Milldown Beach, near Coldingham, Berwickshire

Milldown Beach, just south of Coldingham Bay, Berwickshire.

Come meet up with geologists and biologists who will help you explore the variety of pebbles, how they were formed and how this links to the types of wildlife that can live in the area. This is a drop in event, so you can turn up at a time that suits you and spend as […]


Beach Pebble Event: Lunan Bay, Angus

Working with Lunan Bay Community Partnership, the Scottish Geology Trust as part of the Scottish Geology Festival will provide an opportunity to explore some of the local geoheritage. Join us between 11:00am - 4:00pm on the 26th September for this fantastic event! Lunan Bay is well known for its miles of sand, but have you […]


Beach Pebble event: Dunbar, East Lothian

Beach next to the Swimming Pool, Dunbar Bayswell Road, Dunbar

Join geologists and volunteers from the Scottish Geology Trust on the beach for some hands-on activities to explore the stories hidden in every pebble. We’ll discover an amazing variety of pebbles, find out where they come from and what they tell us about Scotland’s geology. We’ll also find out why the beach looks the way […]


Beach Pebble event: Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire

Tollbooth Museum 3 Old Pier, Stonehaven

Join geologists and volunteers from the Scottish Geology Trust on the beach for some hands-on activities to explore the stories hidden in every pebble. We’ll discover an amazing variety of pebbles, find out where they come from and what they tell us about Scotland’s geology. We’ll also find out why the beach looks the way […]


Guided Walk: Kildonan Geology & Wildlife Walk with Arran Ranger Service

Kildonan Village Hall Kildonan

Explore a dramatic period in Arran’s past, discover evidence of prehistoric beasts, and spot modern day wildlife A joint event with Arran Ranger Service. There will be an Arran Geopark guide and a National Trust for Scotland ranger leading this walk. Walk length: 6 km / 4 miles Approx. duration: 4 hours Terrain: road, track, […]


Short Course: Geology of Scotland’s Hills

Online Event

Scotland is renowned for its beautiful and varied mountain scenery. Look beneath the surface to discover a long and complex geological history that has produced a wide range of rock types in different locations. From the Northwest Highlands to the Southern Uplands, we’ll explore Scotland’s hills and discover the geological stories that make them unique. […]

Online Course: Geology of Scotland – session 4

Online Event

The Grampian Terrane has basement rocks about 1800 million years old (Badenoch group and Rhinns Complex) buried under the Proterozoic rocks of the Dalradian supergroup on the mainland and its equivalent rocks in the Inner Hebrides (Colonsay). These were deposited as sediments around 900-500 million years ago, resulting from erosion of various sources across Laurentia […]


Short Course: Geology of Scotland’s Coast

Online Event

Scotland has an amazing coastline of cliffs and beaches, firths and sea lochs, headlands and islands. This coastline reflects Scotland’s geological history, which has resulted in a varied range of rock types formed at different times. We’ll explore the coast from Shetland to southwest Scotland, including several case studies from all parts of the country. […]