Scottish Geology Festival – 1 September to 17 October, 2021

The Scottish Geology Trust will host the Scottish Geology Festival this autumn to encourage activity, events and engagement about Scotland’s incredible geological heritage. There will be fantastic opportunities for all to get involved, including families, local people and visitors. Our first festival in 2020 was a great success, despite restrictions due to the pandemic, with 50 events organised by Geobus, Scotland’s geoparks, the Edinburgh and Glasgow geological societies and others. Many of the events were online, covering a wide range of interesting topics for a global audience, and we also had several in-person field trips.

This year, the Scottish Geology Festival will run from the 1 September to 17 October 2021. We are inviting contributions from organisations, enthusiasts, and societies who would like to offer events and activities for those interested in geology and everyone who would like to learn more about Scotland’s geology. There will be no fee to list events/activities. All events will be listed on the Trust’s website and advertised on The List. The Festival will be promoted through our social media networks, partners, a VisitScotland blog and other outlets. Find out more about submitting an event to the Festival:

The Trust will organise and promote the Festival, aiming to facilitate over 100 events and activities hosted by geology organisations, societies, Geoparks and enthusiasts. All events will be open for the public to access either in person (following the Scottish Government’s regulations on events/activities and social distancing) or online. Virtual events and online resources will be developed specifically for those who cannot visit in person, teachers looking for curriculum related activities, family activity during the school holidays and also as back up if in person events are restricted due to the pandemic.

There will be a fantastic range of events and activities that will take an inclusive and accessible approach to geology:
• Virtual tours and field-trips
• Visitor-attended tours and field-trips
• events for adults and children who are interested in geology
• talks, exhibitions, ask-a-geologist events
• Classroom activities/activity sheets

Special arrangements might be place for some events due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check the individual event listings for up-to-date information. Most of the outdoor localities listed in the Scottish Geology Festival are accessible – however the nature of geological excursions means that sometimes the site topography, weather, access to facilities, and path quality can all bring limitations. Each organiser will undertake an assessment of site accessibility prior to the Festival and all information will be provided on the event listing.

The accessibility information will be monitored and updated to reflect any changing conditions e.g bad weather rendering some terrain un-walkable. Please check for updates and get in touch with event organisers if you have any questions.

The full programme will be available here in August. In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact:

Angus Miller, Director – Scottish Geology Festival: | 0131 555 5488

Katie Strang, Secretary – Scottish Geology Trust:

Scottish Geology Trust

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