‘Why geology matters in Scotland’ Online Seminar Series

These hour-long seminars will include a short presentation from an expert, followed by opportunities to discuss the issue and help shape future activities of the Scottish Geology Trust. On Tuesdays from 4 August – 8 September.

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Tuesday 4th August, 5:30-6:30pm
Landscape & Tourism, with Angus Miller, tour guide & SGT Secretary

Scotland’s landscape is world famous and underpins the tourism industry, a significant contributor to Scotland’s economy. Obviously geology is the key factor that creates this landscape, but so what? Does it matter that this geology often isn’t particularly well understood or explained?

Tuesday 11th August, 5:30-6:30pm
Education, with Emma Smith, geography/geology teacher at Gairloch High School & SGT Trustee

What do we want our young people learning about geology in Scottish schools? We will then look at the background, examine the current curriculum and discuss workable opportunities for the Scottish Geology Trust and its members to increase the visibility, quality and quantity of geology in both primary and secondary schools.

Tuesday 25th August, 5:30-6:30pm – Scotland’s geology and the university sector
Presenter: Graham McLeod, University of Leeds and other contributors

What does Scotland’s geology have to offer universities and students as a fieldwork location? Are there other opportunities for the geological community to get involved with and support undergraduate learning? We would also like to explore the wider picture, in how universities and others can work together for mutual benefit, to encourage interest in geology, highlight the benefits that geology offers to society, and promote career pathways including undergraduate degrees in geoscience.

Tuesday 1st September, 5:30-6:30pm – Geoconservation in Scotland: past, present and future
Presenter: Colin MacFadyen, NatureScot

Colin’s presentation will provide an overview of geoconservation in Scotland from its origins to the present day, including key issues for the future. This will include a brief explanation of the different designations for geological sites of local, national and international importance. A question and answer session will follow, and open discussion on what people want from geoconservation in Scotland.

Tuesday 8th September, 5:30-6:30pm – Geology for Communities
Presenter: Don Stewart, geologist, President of Aberdeen Geological Society, and SGT Trustee

There are successful examples across Scotland of local communities working with geologists to help promote an interesting story, adding to the visitor experience and supporting peoples’ awareness and pride of their area. The Scottish Geology Trust recognises this process as being key to increasing public recognition of the value of geological knowledge. We’ll look at a couple of case studies, including local engagement with interpretation of an important fossil discovery near Stonehaven.

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