Trust Launches First Crowdfunder

Scotland’s Landscapes Hold the Key to Building a Sustainable Future

The Scottish Geology Trust has launched a Crowdfunding Campaign to kick-start its work after setbacks due to COVID-19

Scotland’s wild, rugged and incredible landscape is loved by millions and has been carved out over billions of years.

It’s thanks to Scotland’s geology that we now understand how our planet works, when it was formed, why climate changes and where it is headed in the future. There really is nowhere else on Earth where you can see such diverse and exciting geology in one country.

The Scottish Geology Trust is a new charity set-up just before lockdown aiming to unite Scotland’s geological groups and communities to inspire people everywhere to understand, love and care for our landscapes.

The Trust is appealing to the public for support for its first Crowdfunding Campaign, which publicly launches Tuesday 3 November aiming to raise £35,000 in five weeks. With funding plans having been curtailed due to the pandemic, urgent support is needed in order to progress crucial plans promoting and protecting Scotland’s geology.

Scotland’s geology has a vital role to play in creating a sustainable future, but the value of this science is often overlooked. It’s time to respond to this gap and campaign for more readily available support and resources for geoparks, geosites, and education.

COVID-19 has depleted many of the funding resources that would have allowed the Trust to deliver planned support for Scotland’s geoparks, museums, education and communities. These plans are more needed than ever for a green recovery.

Melvyn Giles, Chair of the Scottish Geology Trust has said:

“The rocks making up Scotland’s landscapes hold stories going back billions of years – it’s a valuable archive of our planets history and understanding it helps us to understand our impact and potential future on the planet. The Scottish Geology Trust will bring these stories alive so that Scotland can continue to be the birthplace of our understanding of the planet and lead the way in creating a sustainable future. We urge the public to get behind our campaign to help protect our landscapes and our future.”

The charity and Crowdfunding Campaign has already seen backing from the likes of Professor Iain Stewart and Alexander McCall Smith, CBE as both offered their call to arms for Scotland’s geology through the campaign’s video, which can be viewed on the charity’s Crowdfunder page.

The Scottish Geology Trust is appealing to the people of Scotland and across the world, lovers of our landscapes, geologists and those who have benefited from Scotland’s rich culture and resources to consider giving to its first fundraiser. Urgent support is needed for the charity to continue after the pandemic.

To donate now and support the Trust, please visit