Geology of Scotland online course

This Course was part of the Scottish Geology Festival 2021

This informal short course over 6 weeks provides a chronological overview of the formation and deposition of major rock groups from about 3000 million years to 50 million years ago, from Scotland’s oldest rocks to the young volcanic districts of the Hebrides. It was presented online by Dr Alex G. Neches and guest contributors.

Scottish Geology Festival 2021 Playlist

You can read Alex Neches’ Let’s Talk Geology blog about the geology of Scotland in our News section; the five blog posts include detailed reference lists. For more online resources and publications, visit

Session 1 Introduction – link to recording

Session 2 The Hebridean Terrane – link to recording

Session 3 The Northern Highlands Terrane – link to recording

Session 4 The Grampian Terrane – link to recording

Session 5 The Midland Valley Terrane – link to recording

Session 6 The Southern Uplands Terrane – link to recording

Course Conclusions – link to recording

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Scottish Geology Trust