Event Accessibility & Level of prior knowledge

The Scottish Geology Festival is a smorgasbord of events, we hope there is something for everyone! We’re keen to make events inclusive and accessible, and we encourage event organisers to provide relevant information on parking and facilities, local public transport, ease of access, walking distances and the terrain, and any special clothing/footwear required. The purpose of this is to offer insight and guidance as to access, so individuals can form their own opinion as to the suitability of the event.

The icons used on the event listings will give you a guide of what to expect, and they are explained in more detail below. However we recognise that everyone’s needs are different. We encourage you to get in touch with event organisers and check any details that will make your experience with us more comfortable and enjoyable. Don’t hesitate to ask, and we will do what we can to facilitate your engagement in event.

Look forward to seeing you at the Scottish Geology Festival!

Dr Katie Strang, Director – Scottish Geology Festival: engagement@scottishgeologytrust.org

Click on the titles below to find out more about the icons used in our event listings

Accessible for wheelchair users

Check the event listings for further details and please contact the event organiser if you have any questions.

Outdoor Events – terrain, distances, accessibility

Short distances and easy access on flat terrain.
There may be some steps and short sections of rough path or sandy beaches.

Up to 5km on paths.
There may be some rough ground, steps and short sections of steep paths.

More than 5km on paths and rough ground.
There may be steep inclines.


Check the event listings for any further information, but these events are generally suitable for children of any age. All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Adults & Young People

Check the event listings for any further information, but these events are generally suitable for adults and young people aged over 14.

Suitable for everyone, you don’t need to know anything about geology. Come along, ask questions and find out more!

Some prior knowledge is useful if you want to get the most out of this event. The presenter(s) might assume you know a bit about different rock types, for example, but technical terms will be explained and questions are always welcome.

For amateur and professional geologists.




Climate change

Sedimentary Rocks


Volcanoes and Igneous Rocks

Metamorphic Rocks & Tectonics