Scotland’s Beach Pebble Guide

Scotland has amazing pebble beaches and amazing geology. We hope this guide – developed as part of the Scottish Geology Festival 2021 – will help you explore them.

The Beach Pebble Guide has information and activities to help you explore Scotland’s pebble beaches, geology and climate change:

  • Explore the variety of pebbles on Scotland’s beaches
  • Find out what these pebbles tell us about Scotland’s geological story
  • Learn about beach processes and the impact of climate change on the coast
  • Try out some hands-on beach pebble activities next time you visit the beach

Try this …

Can you find your own pebble in a pile – with your eyes closed?!
(Beach Pebble Guide, page 12 – Which one’s mine?)

Try this …

Can you build a drystane dyke (using pebbles)?
(Beach Pebble Guide, page 18 – Rock stacking and skimming)

Try this …

Can you find a really old pebble? The Old Red Sandstone in eastern Scotland often has conglomerate layers full of pebbles that are 400 million years old.
(Beach Pebble Guide, page 5 – Not all pebbles are new)

Try this …

Can you make an amazing beach sculpture?
(Beach Pebble Guide, page 17 – Rock stacking and skimming)

Funded by:

Scottish Geology Trust