Scottish Geology Festival – 1 September to mid October 2022

The Scottish Geology Trust is delighted to offer another fantastic Scottish Geology Festival, showcasing and celebrating Scotland’s incredible geology. We invite organisations and individuals to submit events to the Festival; there is no fee to event organisers to participate. All events accepted into the Festival will be listed on the Trust’s website and promoted through our social media networks, members, partners, and other outlets. You can submit events using the form below – the details will be reviewed and we will be in touch with any questions.

As an Event Organiser, you are in charge. We are happy to accept events that have connections with Scotland’s geology, but it’s up to you what you do, how you do it! We encourage events that will appeal to a wide audience and don’t rely on participants already having geological knowledge. We’re happy to offer advice and support, but ultimately the responsibility for your event rests with you – so please make sure your event is safe and follows any relevant guidance.

The Scottish Geology Trust asks event organisers to provide details on the accessibility of any planned events or activities. This includes relevant information on parking and facilities, local public transport, ease of access (e.g. is it a path/slope/steps to the locality and/or wheelchair access), how long is the walking distance and what sort of terrain, any special clothing/footwear required and any Covid-19 mitigating measures. This will offer potential participants insight and guidance, so individuals can form their own opinion as to the suitability of the event for their needs. We also expect each organiser to carry out their own risk assessment prior to the event, and ensure that all attendees are briefed on any hazards and health and safety measures at the beginning of each planned activity.

Dr Katie Strang, Director – Scottish Geology Festival:
Angus Miller
, Vice-chair – Scottish Geology Trust: | 0131 555 5488

Submit an event

Event details: give as much detail as possible here about the event and what to expect. Who’s the event aimed at? What will it cover? Include accessibility information as outlined above.

Event image: please include an image in landscape format. Include people if possible and if you have their permission.

Please email details to Katie or Angus