Girls into Geoscience – Siccar Point virtual field trip

Online Event

Girls into Geoscience is aimed at girls about to undertake/taking Highers (ages 14-17) who are interested in finding out more about the geosciences and the directions it could take them. Teachers are more than welcome along too. Geoscience is a diverse subject and our talks and workshops highlight this with aspects of chemistry, biology, physics […]

Friends of Hugh Miller Fossil Collection

Online Event

The Friends of Hugh Miller would like to show you round their fossil collection with this short video by geologist Gavin Berkenheger. The organisation brings together people from all walks of life to celebrate the life and exploits of one of Scotland’s greatest heros: Hugh Miller.

Scottish Fossils Online with Dr Katie Strang & Sam Mcauliffe

Online Event

During the month of October come and join the @scottishfossils team on instagram, while we explore some of the fantastic geology and fossils from around Fife! As well as lots of photos of our favourite fossils and localities, there will be live videos and recordings throughout; giving you that virtual fossil hunting experience! And of […]

Geowalks – Arran Geology Weekend

Lochranza Outdoor Centre Lochranza, Isle of Arran

Welcome to the best geology in Scotland! Arran’s rocks tell a story stretching over hundreds of millions of years. There are igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, representing periods of mountain building, equatorial seas, hot deserts, volcanoes and underground cauldrons of magma – it’s all here, and Arran is justly famous as an ideal introduction to […]

GeoBus University of St Andrews – Three billion years of Earth history

Online Event

No other country for its size contains the richness of geology that characterises Scotland. Professor Tony Prave will take you on a three billion year journey that begins deep within Earth’s crust, encompasses two of the most dramatic events in Earth history, the Great Oxidation Event and Snowball Earth, and finishes with a tale of […]

HotScot: Minewater Geothermal and the Creative and Heritage Industries

Online Event

This online workshop explores connections between the planned HotScot project and the creative industries in Scotland's Central Belt. The University of Strathclyde is currently developing a major funding bid to move forward minewater geothermal heating, cooling and storage initiatives in Scotland's Central Belt. One strand of this project focuses on how to engage communities and […]