Welcome to the Scottish Geology Trust, a new charity which is being launched in 2020, and will:

Inspire people to discover the significance of Scotland’s geology, to empower better choices for a sustainable future.

We will have 5 main areas of activity:

1 People

  • Encourage and help communities to recognise the role of Scotland’s geology in creating landscape, sense of place and its impact on culture and history.
  • Aid communities in maximising the value of geology and conserving their assets.
  • Empower people to make better choices both at a policy level and in everyday living.

2 Education

  • Support geology teaching in schools.
  • Inspire adult learning.

3 Supporting Scotland’s Geoparks

  • Provide practical help, advice and core funding.

4 Providing opportunities to experience and learn from Scotland’s geology

  • Support geoconservation of sites of local, national and international importance.
  • Encourage better access to and promotion of key sites.
  • Support better provision of information through publications and interpretation.

5 Campaigning

  • Promote the value of geology to society, policy makers and government.
  • Support Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter.
  • Encourage research and new research scientists.